Some of you might have already have some experience while others might fear even the thought of it, a job interview is a challenge no matter what. I can now say that I successfully finished a job interview and got the job the day after. Therefore I would like to guide you through the process and tell you what to expect and tell you how I think you should handle yourself.

The job interview

Well if you have not read our previous article on how to reach out to companies and how to initially represent yourself, please do so. However, the essence is simple: you either wait for recruiters to reach out to you or you reach out to companies yourself. Keep in mind that most companies have somewhat of a split budget which requires them to hire at least some form of interim personnel, making the choice for a recruiter a feasible starting position.

However, as soon as you get invited to a job interview a few things need to happen. First think about the work environment of the company you are going to work at, prepare your outfit accordingly, most often a suit is the standard but this is not always the case. Also remember to take a printed copy of your CV, you might not need it but it shows some professionality. The next thing is the company itself, what do you know about it? Get some basic knowledge, google the company and check for news. Are there any major changes? This is important because basic knowledge of a company and its market can often give you the advantage in a conversation.

Then after the basic knowledge come the questions. You might underestimate the importance of questions during a job interview. However, in most of these interviews people skip checking your knowledge and rather focus on your personality and your interests. So beside preparing a small introduction of yourself you will have to create a series of questions about the company. Think of about five questions, maybe some will already be answered by your interviewer but most likely you’ll have at least some left. Example questions are:

  • Why should I work here, what makes this company special?
  • What does a normal day at the office look like for this job?
  • How confident are you about the future of this company?
  • How many employees will be in my department?
  • Is there a dress code?

Of course besides these questions you will most likely have to ask questions based on the conversation you are having with the interviewer. Is there something interesting you are talking about and you are interested? Ask that question! It will make you look interested. Lastly some basics in decency, which are often forgotten according to my last recruiter. Look your interviewer in the eyes when you are having a conversation, shake their hands with a firm grip and show a good bearing to show confidence. Keep all these in mind and you are well prepared for your first job interview, because there are no needs for lies or fake behaviour because being yourself is enough to get the job you want.

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