In today’s dynamic world, the integration of strategic management, logistical processes, and advanced IT systems is crucial for the success of organizations. In this blog article, we will explore how Strategic Management & Supply Chain Management are linked to the SAP field and how an SAP Traineeship at iTrainee can be the perfect stepping stone to launch your career!

Asset Strategy & Logistics and the world of SAP: An interweaving of expertise

Business Strategy in a Digital World:
Strategic Management focuses on developing the strategic insight and skills necessary to lead organizations in an ever-changing world. Companies employ consultants to effectively execute their strategies and gain a competitive advantage, and this is inherently linked to IT. We delve into IT depth with SAP, the world’s most widely used business software. Over 24,000 companies globally, including organizations like ASML, Achmea, KPMG, Mammoet, Deloitte, and KLM, utilize SAP.

SAP is particularly appealing if you have a business-related background, as it revolves around optimizing business processes in logistics, HR, sales, marketing, finance, management information, and procurement. Approximately 77% of all global business processes are connected to an SAP system. The Supply Chain branch within SAP is colossal, assisting companies such as Jumbo, Hema, or Heineken in setting up end-to-end goods flows, information, and finances. As a young, talented consultant with knowledge of SAP and associated business processes, you become highly sought after.

Building the Bridge with iTrainee’s SAP Traineeship:

Learn everything about business processes and ITiTrainee, a specialized company with over 15 years of experience providing SAP traineeships, offers a unique opportunity for recent graduates. In our traineeship, you’ll explore various business sectors, from HR to Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Logistics, allowing you to discover your preferences. All of this is combined with a focus on IT because IT plays an essential role in daily business operations, intertwining with all domains in organizations. With knowledge and skills in IT, your job market prospects significantly increase.

Our trainees have successfully launched their careers as SAP consultants in various directions, including business analysts, BI specialists, developers, or other experts. For example, you could work on developing new applications in healthcare, automating warehouses with robotics, or setting up new processes in a finance department. You choose the career that makes you happy!

And it doesn’t stop there – many of our trainees progress to other roles within the first five years, such as team leaders or managers. Some even venture into entrepreneurship after gaining valuable experience. The sky is the limit!

iTrainee & Tilburg University:

iTrainee values the unique skills you’ve acquired at Tilburg University. As an SAP consultant, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and experiences to tackle challenging (logistical) issues, gradually evolving into a more strategic thinker in optimizing business processes. During our traineeship, you’ll discover your passion and have the chance to specialize in it. Additionally, you’ll develop consultancy skills crucial for the workplace, such as giving feedback and handling conflicts, ensuring a smooth transition to an employer that truly aligns with your aspirations. As an SAP consultant, you are highly sought after in the job market, and your field offers ample opportunities for growth!

Want to know more? Read Jeroen’s story here. He studied Strategic Management at Tilburg University and specialized in SAP logistics during the traineeship. He is currently working as a Business Process Analyst at ASML.

What’s Next?

Ready to combine your passion for Strategy or Logistics with the dynamic world of SAP? Curious if the traineeship aligns with your ambitions and interests? Contact our Campus Lead, Britt (, or take the test:

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