Most of our readers are university students and as a student myself I can honestly say we get confused easily. Most of us are still unable to perfectly tie a tie and with new research showing there are approximately 177.000* ways to tie a tie it gets slightly embarrassing to not even know a single one of them. But luckily this article is here to save us all, in a quick 10 minutes you’ll get to learn 5 foolproof methods to tie your tie for any occasion.

Nr. 1: The Windsor

The first tie is a classic, a must known for any formal occasion and the official knot of right about any state official. And although the Duke of Windsor never specifically used the Windsor knot, he did favor a wide triangular knot.

Nr. 2: The half Windsor

The second classic, which might feel a bit repetitive, is the way to go for any casual event. Even though the half Windsor is actually closer to three-quarters the size of the Windsor knot, it is just as well known.

Nr. 3: The Four-in-Hand

The simple knot is the most popular tie knot in the entire world and is called after a 19th Century Gentleman’s Club of the same name. If you don’t want to learn all 177.000 mentioned early and are already proud of yourself when you know a single knot, this knot is the way to go.

Nr. 4: The Bow Tie

The Asset Lustrum gala is upcoming and you know you need to look good. But deep inside you know that you have no idea how to tie such a fine looking bow tie. In the past decade bow ties for everyday wear have seen a rise in popularity, confirming that a bow tie is perfect for any man who likes to stand out among his peers.

Nr. 5: The Eldredge Knot

This is the dream of every geek, every fancy person who likes to stand out has tried this and you might love it as well. Arguably the hardest knot,  The knot was invented by Jeffrey Eldredge in 2007 and achieved internet fame in 2008. Not for the faint of heart, this knot must be worn with caution.


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