Your first job was most probably something simple, something on the side. You gained some pocket money and gratification but that was it. Now you are finished, studied many years and you suddenly realise you’re nervous. “Am I ready? What position should I even apply for? Will they look down on me?” Well, here I am to remove some of your doubts and make you realise that you are not alone, everyone has doubts and everyone feels a bit scary/excited for their first job.


You’ve got that experience!

Your first step will most likely be writing your CV or update the one you already have lying around. But suddenly you think that you have no working experience while all those vacancies require experience and skills with different kinds of ERP software. And why do they suddenly mention something about juice experience ? Well don’t worry, you might want to have a look at your English level again since you read juice experience (it’s SAP) but otherwise you’ve got all you need to become the next big professional.

First off, you are not some experienceless or useless starter. You finished at least one education, most probably did an internship or thesis research at a company and you are ready to put those experiences to the test. Take some of the supply chain students as an example: think about all the skills you have, all the software you can handle and all that teamwork experience you have. You might not realise it but you alone have massive experiences with SPSS, Excel, Sysdea, Anylogic and don’t you dare forget all that powerpoint practice you have. You are totally ready to build your CV or LinkedIn page and make it look flashy.


You’ve got those looks!

We might not all look like fancy superstars, have the perfect stubble beard or a six pack but you are in your twenties. And according to one of the most credible sources I know, Glamour Magazine, people are most attractive during that time. As such, I just know that you will look stunning for your first job interview. All that’s left is to look confident, talk the talk and walk the walk.

Someone who does not walk the walk

The image above shows someone who almost has it all: look at that style, the sheer confidence and by the look of that bag he surely knows how to talk. He only misses the right walk, which might be deemed strange by future colleagues (unless you are applying to the Ministry of silly walks, then you are fine). Assuming you do know how to walk, the only thing that remains is the confidence and the talk. So remember to look up and into people’s eyes, pull those shoulders a bit back and square them. Keep in mind that you are the (wo)man for the job. Stay calm and be honest, when you remember this you look confident and ready for your first job.


You’ve got that intelligence!

So you are worried you won’t get the job because somehow you think that you need to graduate cum laude. Well, forget it because only a minute amount of companies care for such things. Heck, some companies don’t even care about diplomas anymore as curricula almost never fit the profile of the employee they need. While in today’s market surely your degree means a lot, don’t ever forget that they are hiring you and not some random student with the same degree.

You are intelligent, otherwise you wouldn’t have come this far, the fact that you even know about this blog suggests that you are at least a bachelor student. While some might regard that as lowly always remember that you are part of the top 30% of our civilization no matter what your final GPA is. If that is not enough to make you feel good than remember that the market is amazing right now and every company is looking for qualified personnel. 

Always remember that you are capable of great things. You might not know what the future brings but 60% of the people do something else than what they studied for. And while it is not guaranteed I hope that you gained at least some confidence and motivation for the future. If you think that all hope is lost for a job, please read this and remember that I believe in you and all that you are capable of. I believe that everyone is capable of impacting society and making a change. Even if the only change you desire is your bank account increasing in size.

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