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On behalf of the ChannelsOnline committee 2014-2015 I can proudly announce, with a glass of champagne in my hand, that our blog is online.I warmly welcome you to have a look around and view the articles we have written.

Strategy and logistics, two wide topics that pop-up in every area of the business life, constitute the base for ChannelsOnline: the blog committee of study association Asset | Strategy & Logistics. Ranging from Tilburg University to Disneyland and from Chiquita to Philips, everybody faces issues related to strategy and logistics, which give us so much to write about. We would like to give you new insights in this field of business through evaluating news articles, providing background articles, company interviews, and many more. How are start-ups for example handling their supply chain and what kind of strategic choices do they make? Our monthly edition of the YoungEntrepreneur reveals challenges young entrepreneurs run into. Moreover, interviews with Alumni of Asset | Strategy & Logistics provide you with possible job opportunities after obtaining your master’s degree in Strategic- or Supply Chain Management. The first Alumnus will soon tell her story online! Besides, did you know that Elsevier ranked the master Strategic Management of Tilburg University as best of the Netherlands? Interesting, right? Read our article about this topic on the blog!

We got many more ideas, so keep an eye on for our weekly updates!

I hope you will enjoy reading the blog!


Best regards,

Lisette Jansen
Chairman ChannelsOnline committee 2014-2015

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