My name is Tara Denkers, and I am a junior tender consultant at Roger, supporting customers with the complete procurement and company sign-up process. Roger supports organizations that want to grow (sustainably) in mainly the infrastructure, public, and movability sectors. The consultancy divides these branches into tribes, focusing on multiple branches. Roger supports the procurement, tender, outsourcing, recruitment, and selection process: “through our bundled experience in procurement and sign up, we know exactly what you need your organization needs according to the Roger counseling method. We approach from a 360° angle together in an appropriate manner.

I joined Roger in May 2021, after a long career in marketing and communication. I came from a communicative family with three businesses. I started helping by marketing my dad’s business when I was 15. After getting my HBO bachelor’s degree in business administration, I continued to do a master’s in digital communication science at the University of Twenty. Since I had been doing marketing practically all my life, the logical next step was to continue my career along this line. So, I left my dad’s retailing business, to join a more prominent firm following similar processes as a content marketeer.

In the beginning, this was satisfying as the content I was promoting was different. However, at some point, I did not see the challenge in the job anymore. I had a desk job where I sat behind a computer for 40 hours a week. I spent entire workweeks behind the computer following a standard routine. Apart from the social interaction with colleagues, there was none.  The only external contact during work hours I had, was through social media. At this point, I realized I had to make a switch and pursue a job that would allow me to communicate more with the outside world. I wanted a more hectic schedule, where no day is the same.

A friend of mine mentioned she was doing customer service for the tendering process of an organization. I honestly had no clue what she was talking about. I did get intrigued at some point, and before I knew it, I landed a job as a junior consultant at Roger. This was a significant step for me as I was only 25 and decided to make a big career change. New to the industry, Roger allowed me to explore what I really do and do not enjoy doing within the consultancy and customer service of the sectors we serve. My suspicion was confirmed, and I realized that I enjoy communicating with others and writing reports that align with what the customer wants.

At this point, I can imagine that you as a reader are thinking: that’s nice and all, but what does a tendering consultant do? At Roger, we ensure that our customers are prepared to make an offer to companies that need physical assets typically priced above the €50.000 -. We prepare our customers to offer their services or goods to third parties with the right value for money balance and make sure they can deliver. Since we’re often on both sides of the table (not at the same time, of course), we are experts in setting up the terms & conditions of contracts for projects potential suppliers bid on.

 At Roger, we work on projects through a buddy system. This way, if one of the team members is incapable of joining or finishing the project, another consultant can pick up the (remaining) work. As a junior consultant, I fell under the wing of a tribe manager that took me through the entire tender consultancy process. The tribe manager is typically a “medior” or senior consultant that already has the necessary experience to guide you through the process. So, don’t worry, you won’t be thrown under the bus when you become a Roger. Next to the training we provide to improve your soft and hard skills; we also organize group activities. In March, e.g., we will go skiing with the team. On Fridays, we also like to end the hectic week with a nice old-fashioned Dutch “Borrel.”

If this article inspired you, check out the job application webpage for perhaps the next step or switch in your career: Our goal is to grow from 25 business consultants to 40 by 2023. As you can tell, we are looking to expand majorly. So, if you think you can handle a constantly changing schedule, multiple deadlines for different customers and yet remain focused, then feel free to apply for either the sales or business-related roles at Roger. We value a good mindset above your background. I started in marketing and could have never imagined myself in the current position where initially I thought I would need a law background. Your specialization at Roger really depends on what you enjoy doing. We give you the chance to get to know yourself and where your passion lies in the procurement industry!

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