The Strategic Management Master of Tilburg University(SM) was granted a first place in the annual Elsevier ranking of best studies in the Netherlands! To put this into a little bit more perspective: it was the first place of only two SM studies that are offered in Holland. Nonetheless, this is a great achievement, especially since the other party is the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, ranked as one of the top 10 business schools in Europe.


The first place is thanks to two student inquiries in which SM in Tilburg got (much) higher grades than the counterpart on Erasmus University. Where Tilburg scored a whopping 70 on a scale of 1-100, Rotterdam only got a 58. For the sake of positivism, let’s not highlight that a 70 is still far from perfect.

For the university this is pretty great. Every university wants their study programs to be the best there are. The better, the higher regard, the more students, the more money will come in. And the better a study program is, the better the chances are that graduates will be hired for great jobs. That again, will result in more students… Anyway, you get the point.

What is this going to mean for the students themselves? Awesome jobs, better career perspectives, envy when you tell others you’re from Tilburg University? Before we’re that far, we likely are a couple of years further down the road. The headstart however, is now realized!

Nowadays, students need to have an extraordinary resume that makes them stand out from the crowd. When you don’t have high grades, international experience, relevant jobs besides your study, volunteering experience or active membership of a study-related association, landing that particular job you have dreamt about might be not that easy. Now Strategic Management students from Tilburg University can at least add a top-class university to their list of personal advantages. As always, you need to put things into perspective. Still, Tilburg University is no Harvard or Oxford. In order to get that one desired job, you still have to bring in the same traits you would have when Tilburg wouldn’t be that good. Having a degree from a top university might offer an advantage at first when looking for your first job, but in the end it’s your own personal capacities that determine whether you will be successful later on as well.

So there should be no misconception that a mere better-than-average degree will be enough to be able to achieve great things in life. We should keep on working on improving our resumes and should help Tilburg University to become even better. In the end, this will benefit everyone, of course with the exception of other universities (although they might be inspired by the results).

Anyway, having a top position for Strategic Management in Tilburg is the great-but-not-terrific icing on the cake. The way the cake itself tastes, however, is up to you. So bake it until you make it!


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