The Economic Business weeks Tilburg took place from the 10th to 25th of April. The event is the largest annual event of Asset with approximately 6500 students participating. There were plenty of companies present with different activities and these activities consisted of the business night, CV & Linkedin checks, Training Day, Consultancy Orientation Day, Company Days, Case Day and Accountancy Orientation Day. My personal program consisted of various presentations, two workshops and naturally network drinks. The event was a nice possibility to get to know companies and I briefly introduce two workshops I attended during the event.

KPMG Luxembourg – A Look at the Financial Hub

KPMG Luxembourg was represented with three presenters, who talked about audit, tax and advisory services. The presenters talked about their career paths, own experiences and gave a general view on KPMG Luxembourg. The presentation covered the relevant topics related to working at a Big Four company at the financial hub, and also detailed remarks on the work were given.

After the presentation, some of us participated in a workshop provided by KPMG Luxembourg. The workshop focused on a consultancy case for public services, where we had to use various data-collecting tools, arguments and also assumptions in finding answers to the matter at hand. Being an MSc student in the strategic consultancy track of the strategic management program, I was very eager to test myself with the case. The main issue with the case was the fact that we had to operate with assumptions and a general lack of accurate information. The presenters told that they had to operate in a similar situation, thus illustrating how assumptions must be sometimes used with logic and arguments.

UPS – Logistics made Fun

I attended UPS workshop as my second workshop of the event. Prior to the workshop, we had a presentation on the services and career opportunities of UPS. Although my background is in strategic management and not in supply chain management, I was eager to learn more about the company and logistics in general. Nonetheless, the workshop proved to be something different from usual workshops and a very fun one indeed.

The workshop by UPS was a board game, which reminded me a lot of the business simulations I have had throughout my studies. In the game, activities and capabilities of UPS were divided into five different sections and these sections had eight aspects in each of them. During each round of the game, we had to allocate resources into the aspects and we faced different client situations in each round. The point was thus to be both reactive and look ahead.

To be honest, the game was extremely fun and interesting. Perhaps because of my prior experiences with business simulations, general interest in board games and the positive surprise of having a workshop combining fun with learning, the board game was very interesting. In addition, I had the honor of being in the winning team and we got nice umbrellas as the prize for winning.

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