Every year, a group of five people is selected to become part of the board of Asset S&L. Last year, Erik Ruhof, Lotte de Roos, Evelien Görts, Sabine Moerings and Gijs Krus were designated as the board members for 2021-2022.  We’ve had the opportunity to ask the current board questions about their tasks as a board member, best (and worst) experiences and about their view on becoming a board member

It was a sunny afternoon, a lot of people enjoying the sun at Esplanade and there was a relaxed atmosphere at the Chambers. We were welcomed with open arms by the current board. We took our seats when they were finalizing the last things they were working on. We started with a short introduction of the board members. Lotte de Roos, 21 years old, started with her introduction. Lotte is the vice-chairman and currently studying Tax Economics. She has been an active member of S&L for almost two years. Next to her was Evelien Görts, 22 years old and currently the treasurer and E&BI coordinator of S&L. She is following the master Supply Chain Management and has been an active member of S&L for over 1 year. Next up was Gijs Krus, the external affairs officer. Gijs is 24 years old and is following a master Strategic Management for which he only has to write his Thesis. Gijs has been an active S&L member for over a year now. Sabine Moerings, Secretary & External Affairs Officer, is 24 years old. Sabine has completed the master Strategic Management, but is currently following a master Marketing Management. Sabine has been an active member for 3 years now. Last up was Erik, Chairman of the board. Erik Ruhof has finished his master Supply Chain Management and has been an active member of Asset for almost 5 years, from which 1 year at S&L.

Most fun about being a board member

When asked which activities were the most enjoyable for the various board members, multiple answers emerged. An overarching answer was that the meetings are very fun and educational, especially the committee meetings. Lotte describes this meeting as a perfect match between an informal conversation, but also where formal matters are discussed. This balance really appeals to her. Erik nods in agreement, adding that generally meetings are enjoyable.  Erik says that on the one hand the informal activities and meetings are great fun, but a lot of energy is also drawn from formal activities. Working towards a certain goal together with a committee gives a very satisfied feeling. While organizing an activity, there are often some bumps in the road. The fact that the picture falls into place on the day itself makes for a very satisfied feeling.

Informal activities are also a lot of fun. Lotte immediately starts talking about the COdE, a large cantus. This is not just about the fact that it is a cantus, but more about the people. For example, even the bike ride together with the other members to the cantus is fun. Being so close with a group of people who are all so enthusiastic is nice to see. Gijs completes this. In fact, all activities are fun because of the people who participate in them. The atmosphere that prevails within the active members, but also within the board, ensures that all meetings and activities are enjoyable. Sabine adds that the COdE is also a lot of fun because you come into contact with other departments.

Unknown things about being a board member

Sabine says that one can have the feeling that a year on the board is a high threshold. She says that this is not the case. Lotte supplements this by saying that everyone can do a board year and that it is very instructive. Evelien says that there are of course parties and many informal activities, but that it is above all an educational year. All five board members unanimously agree that what you learn from a board year is almost not possible anywhere else. Lotte also says that as a board member you come into contact with many other boards. This is also very nice as you meet a lot of different people. Erik and Gijs nod in agreement with Lotte, Sabine and Evelien’s comments.


Making no mistakes is an illusion. So also the current board members did not have a perfect career. Being in a board year makes it possible to make mistakes and actually learn from them. But what was the biggest mistake of the current board? They did not need long to think about that one…. the 100 year anniversary of Jumbo last fall. First of all, the invitation almost disappeared in the Junk Folder. 

Gijs and Erik going to the JUMBO 100 year anniversary

For Sabine the biggest mistake was letting Erik go in her spot. ‘The anniversary will not be such a big deal right?’ Well, she was wrong… Erik and Gijs went a little underdressed towards the Brabanthallen. Till thus far, quite okay. However, when they arrived they soon noticed that the anniversary was not as little as they thought it would be. Unfortunately, it was too late to get another present. See the picture on the right of the current board members, a bit underdressed, with their 4 euro bottle of champagne. 

Why would you go in the board

The biggest motivation for the current board was to gain experience and personally develop. Meeting new people and gaining new skills while having the most fun times of their lives. Being a board member of Asset | S&L is like owning your own business. It is the perfect opportunity to gain experience while being allowed to also make mistakes and learn from them. You get your own responsibilities while still having the time to join the best activities.

Tips when you are interested 

When we asked the current board members what they would advise people who are interested in a board position the answer was clear. Ask! Ask more information about life as a board member. Everyone is willing to help you with your questions and advise you. It may not always be that clear what the board year is exactly about, so there is not such a thing as too many questions. As Lotte mentioned: “We like when people address us personally”.  Besides asking questions, the board would advise you to come to the board information session on 22nd and 24th of March. Lastly, Erik wanted to assure candidates that it is absolutely no problem if you are currently not the most active member. Everyone is more than welcome to apply! 

“There is room for everyone! Okay not everyone. We don’t have room for 20 boardies…. “ – Erik

“That would be complete chaos hahaha!!” – Lotte

Written by: Karin Dirks and Daan Schippers

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