articles for the ASSET channelsonline committee. This article will contain my personal reflection on the skills that I learnt, as well as the pros of participating in the Channelsonline committee.

Fluency in writing.

If I had to choose only one key component that significantly improved during my time as a Channelsonline committee member it is fluency in writing. The essence of writing a fluent comprehensive article is a skill that I recon will undoubtedly prove useful in any future career. Whether it is writing a cover letter for a job application, an internal document for your boss or filing a formal legal complaint, fluency in writing is key for making the reader understand the importance of the matter. Moreover, if your writing style is comprehensive, eloquent and rigorous and yet simple enough in form that any reader can understand it the importance of your message is amplified and will more likely be taken seriously. By writing lots of articles on a variety of different topics, the Channelsonline Committee will help you develop your writing skills.

You learn a lot from your fellow members.

The second most important skill that you learn by being a member of the Channelsonline Committee has everything to do with your fellow members. While writing an article can be considered and individualistic feed, no article will reach perfection without the feedback of your fellow members. Moreover, even the best and brightest can sometimes lack the inspiration to write. Having members from multiple countries that all have a different cultural background can lead to great discussions, collaborations and ideas for new topics to write on. In this case, there is also a positive spiral learning effect in place, where articles of your members and their feedback inspire and challenge you to take your writing to the next level. In turn, your fellow members are inspired to do the same. This creates for a healthy, unique learning environment that will increase your writing skills.

Write about that topics that you feel matter

Ever had the annoyance that university does not teach topics or skills that you feel can greatly help others? Or do you want to let your voice be heard about how much you love a Netflix series? Do you want to share your culture and write a blog about your country of origin? At the Channelsonline Committee you can write about topics that matter to you. Simultaneously, in order to write about these topics, you will learn how to do research about the topic you will write about, and how to put this into a well-rounded article.

Being in a committee matters on your CV

This is a classic but hear me out. While lots of committees appear to be very useful on your CV, some are more important than others (although those will naturally disagree). I have personally experienced how being in this committee gave me edge over fellow applicants during the application process. Moreover, in all cases they have asked me what my tasks were being a member of this committee. The explanation I gave was that this committee taught me how to write comprehensive, rigorous articles. I have found that writing articles proved to be useful for writing reports for my job as a research analyst because of the previously described skills. While my reports are inherently about different topics than I write about in the Channelsonline Committee, the acquired writing skills will transfer seamlessly.

You are an active member of Asset Strategy and Logistics

This is self-explanatory, yet I will still highlight this. Being an active member of ASSET Strategy and Logistics allows you to participate in various cool events, such parties, beer contuses, travels and much more. These events offer you a cool inside in the student life and will allow you to meet your fellow ASSET S&L members. However, at the same time none of these events require mandatory participation and if you want to focus on your study as some in our committee did, this is totally accepted. The freedom of participating actively in the active ASSET S&L life or keeping it to writing articles gives you the ability to find the perfect balance you need. Regardless, you have access to all the perks without having the burden of all the mandatory participation. On top of that, you will learn a great many skills by being a member of this committee.

On behalf of the Channelsonline Committee I want to thank all our readers. We have enjoyed your feedback and we sincerely hope you enjoyed our content. Our content will resume the next academic year in 2020. We wish you happy holidays and stay safe. In case you need any inspiration what to do in your holidays, we have a great many articles at your disposal!

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