With the current corona restrictions it is harder for students to go out and explore the opportunities possible in Tilburg. Festivals are cancelled, nightlife is very limited and social distancing is limiting our social life. However, the Horeca branche is working hard and due to Corona many special and once in a life time only opportunities are available for you as a student in the city. In this article we will introduce you to some of those nice initiatives and other regular spots of the city you have to check out!

De Heuvel Square – The Winter Terraces

Due to the limitations inside pubs, the local government of Tilburg gave pubs, clubs and restaurants extra outside space to compensate for their limited capacity inside their buildings. Recently, the local government extended the permission for the horeca branche to keep their extended outside terraces on public ground. Right now, many entrepreneurs are working hard to create an immense amount of hot, cozy and outside pubs for you to visit. So, not only the summer, but also this ‘coronawinter’ it is possible to go out with friends to many terraces. Especially the ´Heuvel´ square. Where the square is normally dedicated to an ice skating venue and later for a stage and bar during Carnaval, now the whole square is a Corona proof terrace.

The Piushaven – Nature, activities & horeca

The skyline of Tilburg with at the end of the water the Piushaven

A small piece of beauty in Tilburg it the Piushaven area. In between two neighborhoods there is a small channel with water from the Wilhelminakanaal, which ends in the Piushaven. Besides boats, much nature and the calm surrounding of water, this harbor gives interesting spots where you can shop your new outfit, show your creative skills in a painting course and buy artisan chocolate. In addition, the Piushaven is a spot with many restaurants, bars and also some nightlife is located in the harbor. During corona the extra spots give your visit a new dimension, with for example an on water restaurants. Because of the coronavirus the citizens of Tilburg explored their city and the discovered the possibilities of the Piushaven, which boomed the popularity due to Corona. Besides the horeca and shops there is also the ability to rent a small boat or swim in the Piushaven during the warm months. So during every season, and especially now with some special ‘corona spots’ the Piushaven is a must visit.

Taphuys – the special beer heaven

With many cafés it is difficult to be very different compared to others. One special location is Taphuys. Enter the beer heaven with more than 40 different types of beer, which you can tap by yourself. They have a huge ‘wall of beer’ with fruity, Blond, IPA, Porter, Double, Triple, Weizen, Red Ale, Lager and many other types of beer. With the special Taphuys Credit Card you pay your drinks while you tap them!

Beachy – the city beach of Tilburg

Beachy during a sunny summer evening

If you are searching for a location that can fill the pain of the missed festivals, Beachy Tilburg is the place to be. This city beach located close to the Piushaven is perfect for the festival vibe we all missed. Furthermore this place is very popular among the students. If you don’t have time to go out, we advise you to not check out their Facebook page. If you check out the aftermovie they posted as banner on their Facebook we know for sure you want to check out this location with the summervibe in the autumn.

Club Smederij – Nightlife in Tilburg

Although clubs are not back at business as usual, the nightlife kings of Tilburg changed their nightclub or festival into Coronaproof locations. Tilburg has lots of nightclubs with Vrienden van Tilburg, PKHS, Phillip and many others. Another nightclub is club Smederij, who organize many events like silent disco’s and quizzes. Furthermore they bring the clublife as much as possible with concepts from groovy house towards heavy techno with their intimate vibe and good sound system. Check their Instagram and Facebook for some impressions!

Neighbouring city – ’S-Hertogenbosch

The beergarden in the backyard of the big Church in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

When you want to extent your horizon it is also possible to visit neighboring cities with their own identity and different corona initiatives. Where Tilburg is more a city for students and more focused on nightlife, ‘s-Hertogenbosch is more a city with a burgundy lifestyle with the focus on old buildings and many restaurants and cafés. With this lifestyle the cafees are already packed in the late afternoon or early evening during weekends. Within 20 minutes by train you enter the city. The local government gave the entrepreneurs an extra horeca license last summer, so they were able to open a second bar at a random place in the city. This project, called ‘Bossche zomer’ created a city full of temporary places like: (1) A rooftopbar on a garage, (2) a restaurant/bar in the garden of the biggest church of the city, (3) a cocktailbar above the waters of the Zuiderpark, (4) open air jeu de boule bars, (5) An Urban bar location at the abandon Verkadefabriek and (6) a Ferris wheel pub. However the ‘Bossche zomer’ ended begin September, still some awesome locations, like the garden of the church, are open till at least the end of October. Because of the big success the above mentioned spots and more new locations will be back next summer.

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