Lauri – Luostari Dubbel

My favorite beer is Luostari Dubbel by the Saimaan Juomatehdas Brewery. I do like Dutch and Belgian beers a lot, but my personal favorite is still this beautiful Finnish abbey beer. The Saimaan Juomatehdas Brewery happens to be located in my Finnish home town, Mikkeli, and I have been a fan of their products for a while. The Brewery is one of the oldest Finnish small-scale breweries still in operation, and may I add, probably the best.

Their Luostari Dubbel is my favorite due to its caramel-like flavor, beautiful color and interesting background. Here is the official promotional description by the Brewery:

A genuine Finnish abbey beer, Luostari Dubbel is full-bodied and has a light hopping. Dark roasted malts give this beer its copper-brown colour, and it has the aroma of ripe fruit and a hint of spiciness on the nose and taste. This beer, crafted in collaboration with the Valamo Monastery, is the only Orthodox monastery beer in the world.

his article is a collection of the favorite beers of the editors. Each editor presents their favorite beer with a brief description and reasoning. Drink happily!

Pauline – Java Kriek

My favorite beer is a Java Kriek, or as I like to call it a ‘kriekje’. This beer comes from the Dutch brewery de Halve Maan in Hulst. Which is also my home town. The beer falls in the category lighter sweet beers. It’s a cherry flavored beer. It’s also very easy to drink if you don’t like the heavy beers. It has 5% alcohol content so not that strong. I personally like it so much because it has a strong flavour compared to the other kriek beers. I also worked at the brewery a couple years, so I had the pleasure of tasting the new different beers from time to time. None of the other beers even compared to my favorite.


Arnout Suijk – Leffe Royale Whitbread Golding

It was a hard challenge for me to choose my favorite beer. After ranking my memories my final decision brought me to the Leffe Royale Whitbread Golding. This strong blond (7,5%) Belgium beer brings a unique taste to the table. It is a combination of subtle bitterness and the sense of yellow fruit (lemon and banana), The name origins from the Whitbread hop, which is one of the three hops included in this beauty.  I have tried this beer a year ago in a small pub and writing this text has inspired me to go back to that pub next week to enjoy this amazing beer again.



Mariëlle van Ballegooijen – Apple Bandit (Crispy Apple) Cider

I am absolutely no beer lover. Yes, even after six years of studying at Tilburg University and having beer to multiple beer cantusses (?) I still do not like beer. I did learn something in my student life, I learned to drink some cocktails (nice fruity and sweet) and I learned to drink Jillz Red. I didn’t like any of the ciders I have tried so far (Strongbow, Jillz), however when we had our study trip to Dublin this year, I found there was one cider I liked. I liked it so much I even bought it at home to enjoy in this time of tropical temperatures. It was called Orchard Thieves in Dublin, however after seeing the logo, I quickly came to the conclusion that, yes, this brand was available in the Netherlands as well!! 😀 It has undergone a name change when crossing the pond, but the flavour stays the same: Apple Bandit Cider is my favourite alcoholic beverage. With a low alcoholic amount (4,5%) and the sweet, non bitter aftertaste, this cider is perfect to drink in weeks like this. I can proudly say I am on team #followthatfox!

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