In line with a more informal subject this week, the Netflix watchlist is extended. To help you through these ‘serious’ times of studying and gathering knowledge, we came up with something more casual for you to enjoy. That is why the sixth Netflix watchlist is presented with a focus on situational comedies (sitcoms).

The Big Bang Theory

This show is about a few brilliant, but socially awkward scientist and their daily lives. The main characters are Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, two physical scientist working at an university. However, there is something special about Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon is extremely smart. In fact he is so smart that it makes him one of the most socially awkward persons you will probably ever see. In the show it is not mentioned clearly, but anyone can guess as soon as watching just one episode that Sheldon suffers from some sort of autism. The show focuses on them and their friends Raj (Indian) and Howard (Jewish) and their daily (extremely nerdy) lives. One day Leonard and Sheldon meet their new neighbour Penny, a beautiful but not so smart blond woman, and that is where are all the shenanigans start. This show is a delightful combination of science, romance and comedy. This will definitely make you ”chuckle” as Sheldon likes to call it. The show is rated with an 8.1/10 on IMDB and is 12 seasons long with each season containing 24 episodes of 20 minutes.

A scene to set the context

That 70’s Show

A rather old, but still as good as gold show for me personally. It is about an American group of friends who are growing up in the 1970’s in Wisconsin. The main character is Eric Forman, but the show revolves around him and his friends. They face typical problems while growing up like relationship struggles and dealing with your parents, but also time related issues regarding the 1970’s. While Eric and his friends are more progressive, his parents are rather conservative. Especially his father, Red Forman, who fought in the Korean war. This difference combined with the wacky and unique personalities of Eric and his friends make a good recipe for laughter. This show is rated with an 8.1/10 on IMDB and contains 8 seasons with approximately 25 episodes each season. An episodes takes roughly 20 minutes to complete. A fun fact to mention is that a few well known actors had their brake through because of this show, for instance Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake Peralta is an New York detective for the 99th precinct of the police department. While Jake is extremely good in his job, he is also more than extremely childish. He can be seen as the everlasting clown within the office. Being carefree and doing things his own way is Jake’s way. However, there has been a change of captain and now Jake has to deal with an authority figure that is undermining his behaviour in all sorts of ways. Lucky for Jake his department is filled with mostly wacky colleagues that make this cat-and-mouse game highly enjoyable to watch. The way they employees interact with each other and at the same time work together reminds me a bit of the hit show ‘The Office’. How will Jake overcome this and how wacky are his colleagues? You can find that out yourself. The show is rated with an 8.4/10 on IMDB and has 5 seasons for you to enjoy. Each season contains approximately 22 episodes with an average length of 20 minutes per episode.

How I met your mother

My personal favourite of these selected shows. The story of Ted Mosby telling his children how he met their mother. This show is more than just a light sitcom. I have laughed harder because of this show than any other show, but there were also a lot of serious and/or emotional moments in this series that made it even more powerful. It entails the life of Ted Mosby and his close friends from colleague graduates to parents themselves. This series really spoke to me because of the many things you can relate to in life, friends and love. The biggest strength of this series for me would still be the humour. It is mostly American humour but executed in an unique and unexpected way. You can expect a lot of plot twists and shocking moments while still laughing your eyes out most of the time. A shout-out to Barney Stinson played by Neill Patrick Harris is definitely suited here. If you want to find out why, then I recommend you start watching. It will be LEGEN-….. WAIT FOR IT……DARY! On IMDB they got rated an 8.3/10. The series is 9 seasons long with each season containing at least 22 episodes of approximately 20 minutes. It might be a long one, but this show has a red thread from beginning to end that makes you feel more than satisfied after completing it.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Last, but not least a real classic. I can hardly imagine that you have never heard of this show, but now it is finally available on Netflix. With no one other than Will Smith as the lead. It is one of Will Smith’s most famous characters if not the most famous one. He even plays the lead as literally himself. The story is about a poor young Will from Philadelphia who is mostly street orientated. He gets into a fight while playing basketball and as an consequence his mom sends him to live with his rich uncle in Bel-Air. His mom thinks that this experience might influence him in a positive way. As soon as he arrives there he learns that his family’s lifestyle in Bel-Air is vastly different. This friction creates hilarious moments between the family. While keeping in mind that Will Smith is already a bit goofy himself. The show is quite old, but this makes place for nostalgic feelings while watching. On IMDB the rating of the series is a 7.9/10. It is 6 seasons long with around 24 episodes each season. One episode will set you back approximately 20 minutes. Don’t worry though, it is worth it. That was it for this week. I hope you will enjoy at least some of these shows. Like Will always says: Smell you later!

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