I spent a month as a sales representative of Magisso at the Housing Fair Finland. Magisso is a critically acclaimed Finnish design company, and my main was to conduct B2C sales targeted at the customers attending the fair. Housing Fair Finland is an annual event with more than 100 000 visitors interested in housing, decoration, architecture and design. Our place of sales was in the fair hall, which was the area where visitors entered and exited the fair. There were two of us as sales representatives, and we usually worked six days a week for a bit more than a month.

Technically speaking my main tasks were straightforward and somewhat repetitive, but I consider this position as a good learning experience. I got to see and conduct internal and some external communication, ad hoc independent decision-making, operational issues and most of all, the consumer level of value chain. I heard both positive and negative feedback from previous customers and desires and opinions of new and potential customers, which is a vital aspect of understanding business. I also got to conduct sales in various languages given the international presence of visitors.

As a whole this experience, as my previous work experience and organizational tasks, have taught me about result-driven action. Sales, if anything is about results, since I got to monitor sales in real time and see what kind of patterns existed and what factors influenced the amount and construct of sales. Even if I do not have a career directly related to sales, having some experience from getting new customers and generating sales revenue is vital in all business positions.


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