Innovation, especially related to technological developments, is becoming more and more a spearhead practice within companies. This results in new innovations and technologies being launched every day: they either are a full success or a dramatic failure. Today I will shed light upon some exciting innovations launched recently.

The Vulcan II powered by Icon

Icon stirred up the house-building market by launching its new product: the Vulcan II. Their outstandingly advanced 3D printer is able to build homes from scratch. The device has expanded the footprint of printing capability to about 2000 square feet and is adjustable in width to accommodate different sizes. It includes remote control and support, lightning for printing at night/dark conditions and uses a custom software to maintain operations running smoothly. The company aims to fight homelessness in the cities and make houses more affordable to all.

Here a video concerning this impressive product:

TMRW: the first mobile-only bank for ASEAN millennials by the United Oversea Bank  (UOB)

TMRW (tomorrow) is a full digital bank; allowing users to do all of their banking through a mobile app. The UOB launched its first mobile-only bank recently, and started operations in Thailand. It is marketed at the millennials which are in need for an alternative to traditional banking, as this target group has different needs looking at online banking and simplicity. Moreover, the bank introduced special features in its application such as games which help money management.

The following video is in Thai, but it gives an idea of what the bank is aiming at. I think it is a cool, sustainable concept which I would be interested in as well! Check it out:

SweetFoam: Flip-flops and shoe soles made of SugarCane by Allbirds

Allbirds is a highly sustainable company with its main objective to make shoes out of sustainable materials such as wool, trees and… sugar! Instead of using Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam aka rubber, their new invention uses sugarcane bioplastics. How does it work? Well, the sugarcanes are refined into molasses using a sugar mill. The freed sugars are converted into ethanol by using yeast. With some additional additives, these are transformed into a shoe sole! Fully sustainable as their sugarcanes only come from facilities running on renewable energy. Here a small video on this green, industry-changing technology:

These are three innovations of which I believe that they will cause industry changes in the long run. I’m a huge fan of sustainable development and I think these innovations all have their own sustainable perspective to it. I hope to see more of these technologies developed in the future, and that less sustainable firms will adapt these innovative solutions to world problems as well.

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