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ChannelsOnline is a blog about strategy and logistics. We want to give you insights about strategy and logistics within companies, provide you with interesting topics written from different perspectives, give our opinion about the latest news, outline interviews with student entrepreneurs, and much more! Our team exists of multiple editors who will introduce themselves shortly beneath.

 Gus den Biesen

Hello, my name is Gus den Biesen. I’m 23 years old and I have almost finished my master Supply Chain Management. Before I started with my master, I studied Business Administration. During my bachelor I spent 5 months abroad in Norway. In September I became the treasurer of study association Asset | Strategy & Logistics. One of my tasks is that I am the coordinator of the ChannelsOnline committee. We hope that we could provide you with some interesting articles with topics in the field of both Strategic and Supply Chain Management.

Iris Stougie

Hi all, my name is Iris Stougie. I’m 23 years old and I am currently doing my masters in Strategic Management. Before this master programme, I obtained my bachelor International Business and Management Studies at Avans Hogeschool. My personal highlight has been my semester exchange to Murcia, Spain. I highly enjoy the Spanish culture and way of life. Also, I am a so called “foodie”, so you can expect some posts related to drinks and food from my part! I also like to provide some (personal) insights in (international) business and soft skills. Might you have any questions, for instance regarding the (pre)master programme; feel free to contact me!

Greta Brunetti

Ciao! My name is Greta Brunetti and I come from Italy, I have been living in The Netherlands for two years already, and it feels like home. I am 26, after my bachelor in business administration I spent six amazing months in Beijing, China. After I worked in The Netherlands and now I just started the master in supply chain. It will not come as a surprise but yes, I do love food and I consider myself a quite good cook. I really enjoy a good hike, even better if ended with a nice cold beer to relieve the blisters. This said, stay tuned because we will share some amazing pieces during this year!

Robert Worm

Hello there, my name is Robert Worm. I’m 25 years old and since September 2018 I’m studying a master’s in Strategic Management. I enjoy exploring new opportunities, especially when it involves reading or writing. For this reason. I decided to join ChannelsOnline: a unique platform filled with amazing content that I wanted to contribute to. During my bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering & Management I experienced a variety of interesting cases and locations. My personal highlight was my semester at Nottingham as part of the European Project Semester. Nottingham is a beautiful city that tickles the imagination with its old buildings and rich history. I am looking forward to writing interesting pieces and hope to include and share some of my unique experiences and perspectives with you. I hope you find them interesting!

Joeri van der Kraan

My name is Joeri and I am 26 years old. Currently I’m following a Master’s program in Strategic Consultancy. I’ve been an member of the committee since February 2019. Hence, I haven’t been writing for you for that long. I hope to peak your interest by writing on topics that are related to strategy & logistics. However, we all love our relaxation from courses and deadlines, so every now and then I will write on topics that are less related to the university.


Hello, my name is Martijn and I am 23 years old. Currently I am doing my master’s program in Supply Chain Management. Before I started the master’s program I studied business adminstration at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen.
I’m a member of the committee since February 2019. I’ll be providing you with interesting articles on supply chain management, but also on more informal topics.