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We, the board of Asset | Strategy & Logistics, are in our functions for a couple of months now. During the summer holiday, we thoroughly discussed what we want to achieve this year. After hours and hours of policy sessions, it appeared that we have a lot of dreams that we want to make come true! A lot of dreams but so little time. We would like to tell you about the goals we have for our association.  



The largest section in our policy concerns how to continue the professional attitude of Asset | Strategy & Logistics both internally and externally. Examples of focus points are to become more digital (exploiting Google and its infinite functions), to define a clear media strategy, and to fully assist committees in their work. A more specific focus point is our will to provide our members with a portfolio of trainings. We already arranged another edition of the Lean Six Sigma training, we are in negotiation for a ‘resilient strategy development’ training and a LinkedIn/CV training will take place next semester. We want to give trainings ourselves as well. In november, we held a session in which we teached our committee member tips and tricks regarding acquisition, meetings and feedback giving. We truly believe that our members are the power of our association. Therefore, we want to invest in their knowledge and motivation.



Our active members make S&L what we are. Of course in the first place, S&L is there to fill the gap between theory and practice, but getting to know your fellow S&L’ers during informal activities is important as well. The importance of the social aspect of a study association can not be overlooked. We want to be the happy family and/or the group of friends you will remember after your student life (and still hangout with of course). Besides that we are proud to see committee members grow and pick up new skills during their time at S&L. We know for sure that what our active members learn will be useful during their career.



Next to the ambitions of getting Asset | Strategy & Logistics to a higher level, we also have personal goals we would like to reach this year. Every board member has written a personal plan that specifies what he/she wants to achieve this year. From our own experience, we can tell that your skills develop in a fast pace during a board year. You get to learn stuff you do not learn at school. university. Some of our personal goals are: developing communication skills, working on flaws, creating people skills, gaining more confidence, speaking in front of an audience. A board year helps identifying your competencies, but also reveals in which areas you must improve your skill-set.



We are thinking about possibilities to become more innovative. We want to think bigger by, for example, upscaling our events. Why not have an event in a castle instead of a classroom? Besides that, we would like to see a more entrepreneurial spirit in our association. We want to create a platform in which young entrepreneurs can develop themselves, especially in the field of Strategic Management and/or Supply Chain Management. We see a gap in our portfolio here. Does something already pop up in your mind? Let us know, because we are always open for new ideas!


Long story short, we strive to facilitate each and every student (interested in Supply Chain Management and/or Strategic Management) to help them getting the most out of their student life.   Either as an active member, a board member, a participant in our trainings, an entrepreneur, or by attending our career events.

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