Name: Jasper de Jong

Function: Chairman of Asset Strategy & Logistics

Education: MSc Supply Chain Management

Why did you want to spend a board year?

There were three major drivers behind my decision to apply for a board year. First and foremost was the incredible fun I had with S&L in the year I was an active member. Meeting people with mutual interest, like supply chain management and drinking beer, and the open arms of the association really stood out to me since I had missed such an experience before in my student life. Second was the fact that I was still in doubt about the type of firm I wanted to start working after finishing my Master. A board year would give me the time to really orient myself and make a thought-out decision. Thirdly I saw in myself a lot of skills that could use more development, and I wanted to test out all skills and experiences I had gathered before in a decent-size organization without being punished too badly if anything goes sideways. Asset was the perfect platform for that.

How is your typical week as a board member?

When doing a board year there is no such thing as a typical week. One week you are taking a board training somewhere in Utrecht while the other week you are busy preparing for the Supply Chain Battle. It is a wild ride with ups and downs. But of course there are some patterns you can hold on to. My week contains meetings of the board with S&L, with the general board of Asset, with the Asset Academy (a gathering of all vice-chairmen of Asset) and with the three committees I coordinate. Furthermore I participate in some Taskforces, which are small teams made up by Asset board members that work together on a certain project. All these weeks are sprinkled with time to check off your tasklist and topped off with some awesome evening activities, to make sure you reach your daily beer quotum.

What have you enjoyed the most with the board work?

The thing that really floats my boat is the days on which all meetings, talks and preparations come together in a successful manner. Career events but also more informal activities like the COdE or the Gala give me a great rush. It gives a great rewarding feeling to see many people enjoying your event and taking advantage to either develop them to the young professional they want to be, or relax in such a way they can forget about everything for one night.

What have you learned the most from your time as a board member?

Never assume. All the rhymes, to assume is to make an ass out of u and me, assumptions are the mother of all blunders etcetera have never proven to be more true for me than during this year. Assuming you are sure about some important information because you heard it but did not check it yourself. Assuming the intentions someone has and assuming you know the reason for why someone communicates in a certain way. Assuming your own way of communication is the most effective way. Assuming you are smart enough to automatically follow the advices you give so easily to others. Yes, the words never assume offer salvation to many forms of miscommunication or blunders. So don’t assume you don’t make assumptions.

Can you describe your fellow board members with one word per member?

Yes, that is why they were given names. But to stay dynamic they have multiple nicknames. Some of which:

Mariëlle – The Ginger (Do NOT assume that you are allowed to call her that. She makes an exception for me. Or so it seems, I may have to pay for using this nickname one day;)

Jip – The Jipster. He’s no hipster, but in some ways a true hippie with his smiling eyes and joie de vivre. Also Jipster sounds fun.

Eva – The German. Pragmatic, efficient, down-to-earth.

Stefan – The Duke. Because of his last name and because he is such an elitist.

What is your motto / favorite quote?

I am guessing you are looking for something inspirational right? In that case:

‘’Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.’’ – Hendry Ford

If not:

‘’Maakt oe eige nie zo vochtig.’’ (Don’t get you panties in a bunch) – Evert Hoogsteen.

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