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The new building and the start of the new academic year are not the only exciting new things because the new Asset S&L board has just been introduced. After last years’ board of four members, the new board now has five members.  But who are these elites that are responsible for managing all the students actively working for our Asset department? Introducing the Board 2018-2019: Who they are, what they do and other interesting facts.

Something about the board

The new board consists out of the following, from left to right according to the picture:

Jorinda (23) – External Affairs Officer

  • Almost always outside of the office
  • Currently finishing her Master Strategic Management
  • Loves wine

Jef (20) – Vice-chairman 

  • a.k.a. The party starter
  • Currently doing a Bachelor Business Economics
  • Loves Bob de bouwer at 5 o’clock

Jody (20) – Chairwoman 

  • Tends to be a bit chaotic
  • Finished her Bachelor International Business Administration
  • Closet vegetarian

Jordi (22) – Secretary

  • Prefers formal events and is very organised
  • Currently doing his Master Supply Chain Management
  • Still needs an internship, anyone?

Gus (22) – treasurer

  • a.k.a Fanta Boy
  • Finished his Master Supply Chain Management and plans to do another one
  • Somehow always smiles except on this picture

” So you travel the world for a month and then what? You still have to make a choice, so why not procrastinate your career choice for a whole year?” 

Gus – 2018

Whilst most of the board is doing this because they actually planned a year off studying or even thought a world trip of a month was too short and thus planned to go for a board year, Jody always knew she wanted to do a board year. Jef also has a good reason, he plans to challenge himself during a board year and improve in such a way that he has more confidence in finishing his bachelor. 

But besides these reasons all members of the board agree that the main reason for doing a board year is the personal development involved. Whether it is learning how to structure your life, how to collaborate with others or even how to manage multiple project groups. All these are relevant skills that contribute to your career and all of these come around during a board year.

Plans of the board

This years’ board aims to get a better connectivity with its members as well as the public. So expect more presence on social media and more frequent updates on several topics. However, even though they are reachable from social media you can still visit the rooms whenever you like. Visit the new study room which has been enhanced, come play some board games or go digital and play FIFA.  Whatever you do, one thing is guaranteed: this board  is up and ready for a great year.

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